Flavia, a Computer Science Senior student, has a knack for business development and innovative start-ups. She leads team ENTy, an innovative med-tech start-up aiming to empower doctors to issue data – based assessments, while also increase accessibility to medical grade devices for doctors around the world.

The technology team ENTy is developing right now will also find applications in a wider filed of business, and Flavia has the role of identifying and exploring new business opportunities.

In the ImagineCup international competition, Flavia took the stage and delivered a remarkable speech, blending tech elements with user experience and usability, and securing ENTy’s top position in one of the most prestigious youth tech competitions in the world.

Flavia is also passionate about teaching and community development, and acts as the community manager for the vibrant CCNA academy inside University Politehnica of Bucharest, the preeminent networking and security group in Romania. Her work here is focused on reshaping the curriculum and on building up a dynamic community of tech enthusiast, students, and industry professionals.

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